Stainless Steel Supplies

Datum stock 301 & 304 Stainless-steel in a range of precision foils and sheets from 0.02mm to 0.50mm thick. As part of our stainless steel supplies we offer a wide variety of sizes and gauges supplied on the coil or in sheet form, all of which are oil, grease and scratch free. With our specialised handling and cutting machinery, we can cut from coil, stack and ship sheets in the dimensions you require.


Working closely with metal foundries we have developed our own precision grade stainless steels to meet exacting specifications and dimensional accuracy. One of our specialist stainless steels has had its mechanical properties managed in such a way that it enables it to perform better than standard stainless steel when put under high tension.


All Datum stainless steel has a homogenous grain structure and low internal stress which means it remains flat allowing you to cut and machine to tight dimensional tolerances.



Get in touch with our team on:

+44 (0) 1548 855 900 (UK & Europe)

+1 607 239 6274 (US)

+65 3157 0394 (Singapore)


Stainless Steel Supplies
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Steel Supplies Datum
Steel Supplies Datum
Stainless Steel For Chemical Etching
Steel Supplies Datum

Datum Alloys stock high quality stainless steel used by manufacturers for formed, punched and laser cut parts. With its unique grain structure and machining properties it has become the industries preferred metal for PCB stencil manufacturers and photo etch companies when high performance, reliable material is required.

Due to the precision grade quality, Datum stainless steel can be machined quickly enhancing productivity and decreasing time in the production or prototyping process.
Datum PhD and Datum Tension is manufactured under controlled conditions to specific standards making it predictable in performance and reliability.
High quality stainless steel is one the most versatile alloys available. Easy to form, Datum PhD and Datum Tension stainless is used for machining, laser cutting, stamping and roll forming allowing intricate designs to become a reality.
Due to stainless steel's machinability, tight tolerances can be achieved for precision accuracy. Our micro tooling helps make devices such as implantable pacemakers and defibrillators smaller and less invasive.
Datum's stainless high strength-to-weight properties allow reduced thickness compared to conventional stainless grades resulting in a lightweight end product.
Our stainless steel will maintain high strength and stability under extreme temperature changes without scaling.
Datum stainless’ long-term durability increases product lifecycle reducing replacement costs.
Datum stainless has a high corrosion resistance making it suitable for a variety of rigorous environments.

Get in touch with the Datum team for your stainless steel supply. With offices in the UK, US and Singapore Datum are well positioned to supply steel throughout Europe and the rest of the world. We offer the fastest delivery times in the industry and regularly ship on the same day.


Visit Datum’s Support Library for a complete list of resources.


304 Stainless Steel (Datum PhD) Datasheet

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304 Stainless Steel FG (Datum Fine Grain) Datasheet

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