Laser Cutting

Datum Alloys fully automated, bespoke coil to part precision laser cutting process with auto stacking, greatly increases the speed and efficiency of the manufacturing process and reduces the cost for our customers. We precision laser cut, thin, high-precision metal parts from coil or sheet. Our laser cut, custom metal components are made to short lead times and tight tolerances.

Our process produces scratch free, precision components. Laser cut, thin metal parts are a fast, efficient method of producing components as part of a manufacturing operation or prototype and development process.
Datum’s precision component manufacturing produces thin stainless-steel parts from 0.05mm up to 0.5mm thick. We can also micro laser cut other alloys such as Aluminium, Alloy 42, Nickel coated steel and Copper. Datum laser cut components are used in a wide variety of manufacturing applications, custom shims, micro spacers, battery applications, tags, connectors, marine industry, and technology companies.

We specialise in prototype laser cutting services, precision stainless-steel components and stainless-steel substrates, offering companies the perfect solution for R&D and prototyping. Datum will turn your ideas into reality and help guide you through the development process and scale up to manufacturing quantities either on our laser or stamped part.

Key features include:

  • Highly efficient process
  • Components up to 690mm²
  • All common grades and tempers of stainless steel between 0.05mm and 0.50mm
  • Highly accurate and repeatable
  • 3D features

We produce components with 3D features by micromachining; a second operation carried out after laser cutting that produces microscale features on your components.  These processes together give you the precision and repeatability of laser cutting and micromachining and the flexibility of etching.

Datum is a member of the Association of Industrial Laser Users (AILU) signifying our commitment to advancing laser technology. As an AILU member, Datum benefits from a valuable industry network, staying updated on laser innovations and best practices. This affiliation helps us deliver state-of-the-art laser solutions and contribute to the industry’s growth.

If you require a precision laser cutting company, get in touch with our team for your requirements on:

+44 (0) 1548 855 900 (UK & Europe)

+1 607 239 6274 (US)

+65 3157 0394 (Singapore)


Laser Cutting
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Laser Cutting
Prototypes - Precision Metal
Laser Cutting
Laser Cutting Datum
Laser Cutting
Product Details

At Datum we use high grade metals for our precision laser cut parts including:

301 stainless steel (Datum Tension/Fine Grain)
Extra hard stainless
0.05mm to 0.2mm thick

304 stainless steel (Datum PhD)
Hard rolled stainless
0.02mm to 0.50mm thick

Nickel 200/201 Nickel coated steel, Nickel coated Copper

Used for precision cut battery connectors; crimps, strips and tags



Max cutting area (Single sheet) 610mm x 610mm
Max cutting area (From Coil) 700mm x 700mm
Sheet width tolerance, full width ±0.50mm
Sheet width tolerance, Laser Cut (with offcuts) ±0.03mm per 200mm
Sheet length tolerance using Guillotine ±0.25mm
Sheet Squareness tolerance using Guillotine ±0.30mm
Sheet length tolerance Laser Cut (with Tabs) ±0.03mm per 200mm
Max material thickness 0.50mm
Min material thickness 0.05mm
X and Y Axis Positional tolerance ±0.05mm
X and Y Axis Combined Positional tolerance ±0.07mm
X and Y overall Feature dimensional tolerance ±0.02mm
±0.1 Deg
Perpendicularity ±0.2 Deg
Material Types Metal
Laser beam diameter <0.08mm


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