Pre-Meshed Stencil Frames

Datum pre-meshed stencil frames are manufactured in dedicated factories in the US and the EU. We carefully specify our materials and manufacturing processes and are ISO 9001:2015 certified. Because we produce pre-meshed, pre-tensioned SMT stencil frames in large quantities, we are able to deliver the best possible product at the best possible price.

Datum’s stencil frames come with the mesh or mesh and steel pre-mounted and pre-tensioned. Our focus specifically on frame and foil manufacturing ensures consistent quality and performance for both the stencil manufacturer and the stencil user. 

We are proud of our product and do not cut corners, substitute materials, or outsource our assembly operations. Our pre-meshed stencil frames are designed and built to perform, and we are happy to provide service and support 24/7 from one of our three global offices.

Pre-Meshed Stencil Frames
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Pre-mounted frames
Datum Frames
Datum Frames
Datum Frames
Datum Frames
  • Our standard, space saver, Panasonic and high tension frames use lightweight, age-hardened aluminum
  • Our poly mesh for standard tension mounting is 120-150 µm thread.  Our stainless steel mesh for high tension mounting is 85 µm multicore “thread” with 120 threads/cm.
  • We ensure the robustness of our epoxy bond strength by regularly testing it with extended ultrasonic cleaning cycles at elevated temperatures, using commercial chemistries. Reports are available upon request. 
  • Available colors are silver or green. Green is often used as a visual indicator of a lead-free soldering process. Our green frames are anodized, and unlike powder coatings or paints, cannot be attacked by cleaning chemistries and will not contaminate cleaning baths.
  • Use 24-29T mesh count polyester
  • Tensioned to a minimum of 30N/cm
  • Can carry Datum PhD or FG steel foils
  • Use 32-48T mesh count stainless steel (301/304)
  • Tensioned higher than 40 N/m
  • Can carry Datum FG steel foils
  • Use 24-29T mesh count polyester
  • Tensioned to a minimum of  30N/cm
  • Can carry Datum PhD or FG steel foils
  • High tension Panasonic frames available upon request
  • Reduce frame height from 38 mm (1.5”) to 13 mm (0.5”)
  • Cut weight and storage space by over 60%
  • Use the same mesh, tension and foil materials as standard frames
  • Not suggested for high tension applications

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  • Excellent alternative to cast aluminum frames
  • Meshed DEC frame costs less than bare cast frame
  • Aluminum tube reduces weight for easier handling in manufacturing facilities
  • Lighter weight can cut shipping costs by as much as 50%
  • Mesh: 24-29T
  • Tension: 30N/cm minimum
  • Thread count: 60-74/inch
  • Thread diameter: 120-150µm

Datum is a leading producer of pre-meshed, pre-tensioned, high-quality SMT stencil frames because we focus on delivering the best possible product at the best possible price.


Visit Datum’s Support Library for a complete list of resources.


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