Let Datum support your R&D (research and development) prototype requirements. We know tooling represents a significant cost to your business and often you cannot commit to producing the tooling until you are 100% certain your ideas will work. When you are developing new products, tools or machinery it is not cost effective to get expensive tooling manufactured to trial a new part or test a theory.

This is where Datum can help you. Design to part, with minimum setup time, the ability to produce a one-off design, tens, hundreds or thousands of parts with the flexibility to change designs in an instant.

Take advantage of our rapid prototyping, utilising our precision milling and laser cutting service to create bespoke thin metal prototypes and turn your ideas into fruition.


Get in touch with our team on:

+44 (0) 1548 855 900 (UK & Europe)

+1 607 239 6274 (US)

+65 3157 0394 (Singapore)


Prototype Materials:
301 & 304 stainless steel, 200 & 201 nickel and aluminium. Material sizes from 0.02 to 0.70mm thick

Laser capacity:
690 x 700mm (Lengths longer than 700mm possible, subject to requirements)

Mill capacity:
600 x 1000mm (Max machining window: 600 x 400mm)

Coil to sheet guillotine capacity:
690mm x Desired length

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Prototypes - Precision Metal
Prototypes - Datum Alloys

In the initial stages of product development prototypes can help a business evaluate variations prior to finalising a design. Prototype samples are a crucial part of R&D to test a concept and can avoid costly errors in mass production and speed up the product development process. Metal prototyping is used for product design across a wide variety of industries including the optical industry, automotive manufacturing, mechanical engineering, pcb manufacturing, robotics, aerospace, airline industry, reusable energy, oil & gas, medical, electronics,  photographic & film equipment, construction, appliance manufacturing, transportation industry, battery technology, utility industries, and machine manufacturing.

Whether you are developing a new innovative product or improving an existing one let Datum work with you. Our experienced engineers will take your design and create model prototype parts to precise tolerances.  Prototypes can minimise your R&D investment risk by providing a fast, effective, low investment solution.  At product development phase you have the opportunity to fail – your prototype design can be refined and remade avoiding failure in production which would cost time, money, and reputation.  At Datum we will build and rework your model for testing and evaluation until the prototype design is ready for implementation.