Stainless Steel SMT Stencil Foils

SMT stencil foils perform the critical task of depositing solder paste, adhesive or flux onto the PCB.  The material that the foil is made from influences its dimensional accuracy, solder paste release properties and useful life.

Our innovative approach to ever-changing technologies keeps us and our customers at the forefront of what’s possible.

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Stainless Steel SMT Stencil Foils

Datum is the market leader in SMT stencil foils because we revolutionized the technology within them.  By studying the root causes of solder paste printing issues associated with foil materials, we developed HD.  In 1996, this was the world’s first stress-relieved steel alloy specifically targeted to the laser-cut SMT stencil market. Then we developed PhD. Datum PhD’s innovative characteristics are its homogenous and recrystallized grain structure, which promotes cut – and therefore print – quality.

Datum PhD improved the quality of laser cut stencils and their resulting print performance in factories around the world.  Since introducing this specialized SMT alloy, we have continued to improve stencil price and performance, introducing six new specialty SMT foil materials and a variety of frame and mounting technologies to the electronics assembly industry.

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Stainless Steel Stencil Foils
Stainless Steel Stencil Foils
  • Market leading material for over a decade
  • Proprietary rolling and heat treating relieves internal stresses, resulting in less deformation during laser cutting and stencil printing
  • Tightest thickness on the market – controls area ratio and volume variations during print process
  • Excellent for general SMT with area ratios >0.66
  • Thickness range – 0.02mm to 0.5mm
  • Superior to PhD in cut quality
  • Grain size less than 5 micron (typically 2-3 microns)
  • Perfect for thin pockets or webs and cavity stencils
  • Ideal for high density or fine feature printing with area ratios down to 0.50
  • Thickness range – 0.08mm to 0.25mm held in stock

All foils re available pre-mounted on our frames, in coils or as sheets cut to standard and custom sizes. We can also ship stencil foils with pre-milled pockets or cavities ready for laser cutting and we can also process border hole patterns in the sheets ready to mount in tensioning systems.


Visit Datum’s Support Library for a complete list of resources.


Datum PhD

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Datum Fine Grain (FG)

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