SMT Border Holes

There are many makes and models of SMT screen printing machines, using a wide variety of different tensioning systems such as Vector Guard, Tetrabond, Apshen, Tetra, Zelflex, QTS, and Datum pre-meshed tension frames. Datum’s precision, Stainless Steel SMT Stencil Foils are used in all these frame mounted tensioning systems.


Some machines use Datum foils without a frame. To tension these foils, a border hole pattern must be cut around the perimeter of the stencil foil so that it can be held in the machines tensioning system ahead of screen printing.


Datum supply customers with thousands of foils each year with pre-cut border holes so they don’t have to perform this operation themselves ahead of cutting the stencil or assembling their own frame system.


Purchasing foils with pre-cut border holes saves valuable processing time, increases manufacturing capacity, and improves efficiencies.


Get in touch with our team for your pre-cut foil requirements on:

+44 (0) 1548 855 900 (UK & Europe)

+1 607 239 6274 (US)

+65 3157 0394 (Singapore)

SMT Border Holes
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SMT Boarder Holes
SMT Boarder Holes
SMT Boarder Holes
SMT Boarder Holes