Stainless Steel For Chemical Etching

Photoetching Quality Stainless Steel

Datum have provided stainless steel for photo chemical machining (PCM) companies for many years. The supply to this market has helped refine the specification of materials that Datum purchase.

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Stainless Steel For Chemical Etching
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Steel Supplies Datum
304 Stainless Steel
Stainless Steel For Chemical Etching
Stainless Steel For Chemical Etching

No - Standard Stainless Steel: Unsuitable for Photoetching

Defects (including – burrs, discolouration, inclusions, pits, blisters, chatter marks, crown, dish, camber, lap, ripple, wavy edges, coil set, twist)




Coil set, wavy metal or dents Photoresist coating Loss of registration and detail
Thickness (gauge) variation Optimum etching time unknown Over or under etching
Too large grain size Loss of resolution in etching features Loss of accurate product
Surface scratches Photoresist coating Etch into scratch producing cosmetic defects on product
Inclusions Pits, pimples – etch at different rates Loss of resolution in product


Yes - Datum Stainless Steel: Photoetching Quality 




Flatness Datum has the tightest flatness tolerances in the market for edge wave and centre buckle
Uniform thickness Datum provide material to +/- 2% thickness – the tightest in the market
Grain size Datum Phd is produced with a 7-10 microns grain size
Uniform surface finish Each individual sheet from Datum production is visually inspected for surface defects.
Inclusions Datum materials are produced with a homogenous grain structure and extremely low impurities