Space Saver SMT Stencil Frames

Easy Handling. Easy Storage. No Master Frame.

Efficiency and effectiveness are critical success factors in manufacturing and these are our guiding principles. The Datum Space Saver Stencil Frame is a refined No-frills mesh mount stencil that delivers first time, every time and being a Datum product, it will be the same every time no matter where you buy it.

  • Consistent and repeatable printing
  • Highest performing stencil substrates in the world
  • Simplicity
  • Better performance than frameless systems
  • More cost effective than frameless systems
  • Neodymium magnets – simple and easy
  • No alignment headaches
  • Will always FIT
  • Stencil and adapters will not separate during normal handling
  • Reduce storage requirements – 3 frames into the space of 1 traditional frame.
  • Eliminates health and safety risk from handling bare foils for frameless systems.
  • Less risk of damage during stencil cleaning.
  • Reduces shipping costs
Space Saver SMT Stencil Frames
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Space Saver SMT Stencil Frames Datum
Space Saver SMT Stencil Frames Datum
Space Saver SMT Stencil Frames Datum
Space Saver SMT Stencil Frames Datum

Traditional systems

  • Pins need accurate holes manufactured in frames
  • Adds costs and creates positional issues.

Datum system

  • No holes – replaced with steel insert
  • 2 adapter strips with magnetic inserts (15kg pull strength)
  • Adapter strips are more flexible and easier to ship.

Datum is a leading producer of pre-meshed, pre-tensioned, high-quality SMT stencil frames because we focus on delivering the best possible product at the best possible price.


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Datum Space Saver SMT Stencil Frames

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