News - 06.26.2019

Dominating the Market Requires the Right People

We just appointed our US Regional Director. What does Datum look for when hiring for management?

Ian John

In the world we live in today, something happening in the UK isn’t isolated to the UK market. Any event in Singapore isn’t isolated to Southeast Asia. Any event of sufficient magnitude anywhere in the world now requires a global response.

Lucky for Datum, we’re a global company, and we’re able to harness the power of the most talented people around the world to adapt and overcome obstacles in any market.

This is what we did to combat the effects of Brexit.

Let me be blunt: Datum has the technology, the background, the track record, the process, and the products to outperform any other competitor in the market. Full stop. 

But just like any company, the right people make all the difference. Which is why we decided to hire a new Regional Director for our US based operations. Such a decision is a direct response to the upheaval the world is experiencing as a result of the uncertainty in the EU. We know that our success in the past isn’t enough to continue breaking boundaries in the future, so we want to make sure we have the best people who can strengthen our already-strong US market.

How do we know we picked the right person? There are three things we look for in someone that will not only match our passion, but help us achieve new heights. These three things are:

  1. An enthusiastic builder and leader who is capable of encouraging team members to reach their full potential
  2. An outward looking entrepreneur who will seek out new business opportunities
  3. A strategic thinker who will actively contribute to developing Datum’s global strategy and ensure we reach our goals in the Americas

These three things we found within our new team member Jared Bowling. Now, the important questions we have to ask ourselves are: What are the goals for the future this person will help achieve? What overall impact will this have on Datum as a whole?

We don’t want this person to be constrained simply by their title. While we want them to excel in the area they’ve been given, we expect them to branch out and impact the rest of the organisation in a positive way. These are the tools and the paths we give our team members, and our new RD in the US, to help them achieve those things:

  1. The full support of the CEO and The Board to run the US facility as they best see fit to ensure we capitalise on opportunities in the region.
  2. Datum’s global infrastructure and resources will be fully available including sales support as a significant part of the role will be looking for new opportunities for milled and laser cut parts..
  3. Access to Datum’s Asia based supply chain network to service new material requirements as we move into new markets.

In the end we believe in the “hire slow and fire fast” mentality. We take great care in making sure we have the best people working with us as a team. It may take longer to find the right person and give them the tools they need to be successful, but over the long term they end up repaying that investment many times over. We are confident in our new US regional director to be able to excel under stressful conditions and help Datum break barriers and achieve new successes.