News - 04.19.2019

Developing Datum’s High-Skill Workforce

Creating an expert team of employees

Datum Alloys
Ian John

Any company who wants to survive in today’s fast-paced world filled with constant change needs to look to develop any edge they can get.

At the top of that list are the people a company employs.

At Datum, we are always looking for the best talent in the industry and are eager to bring them into our unique team. We also believe that, regardless of how talented you are, there is always something more you can learn, and other areas you can grow into, and contribute more to your team.

A point of pride at Datum is our employee development. No matter who you are, or how long you’ve been with the company, we believe you can continue to grow and achieve more each year. Any good company would rather promote someone than hire someone new, which is why we’re proud that a majority of our employees have been with us long term, many for over twenty years!

Because of our recent innovation in laser cutting technology, however, we needed new talented people to join our team. Our USA location, therefore, recently recruited an engineering manager with laser cutting experience, but we didn’t stop there. We made sure that he continued to grow and learn, so he is now an expert in micro-profiling — experience that he gained with us.

This extra training isn’t just good for the employee, it helps foster a sense of loyalty and appreciation for working at Datum, something that is hard to quantify. Now, not only is he an expert in laser cutting, which we need, he understand the effect it has and the purpose of our micro-profiling. Nobody should be expected to wear blinders while they’re at work, so we make sure everyone understands where they fit as part of the whole. They understand their contribution to the final product, to the company’s goals. They take pride in the work they’re doing.

With the impressive growth in the US market, and the need to fill supplier requirements in the region, we have also hired a new micro-profiling manager.

Finally, we are in the final rounds of hiring a new regional director for our US operations. This RD role will include a significant element of oversight for our business development, focusing on thin foil parts. Primarily these parts will be laser-cut but the RD will also be tasked to look for opportunities for profiled parts, (or a combination of the two).

With this new talent, a forward-thinking process for training and development, and state-of-the-art technology, we will be able to continue to focus on improving our already market-leading service and products. We will focus on using our existing core material (stainless foil) and given that we stock some of the highest-quality material available, we will be able to make amazing parts that will retain their shape long after processing.

This great service, great material, and great process, matched with our ever-increasing, expert team of employees, we are confident that no matter what happens in the future, or how fast technology changes, we will be miles ahead of it.