News - 04.08.2019

Preparing for the Uncertainty of Brexit

We’ve seen time and time again how companies who focus on price have products that fail.

Datum Alloys
Pete Anniss

As Brexit looms ever closer, we are still no clearer to the outcome of this process and what ramifications there will be. Nobody knows what will happen in the future, and every company has a different plan to adjust and pivot based on the many possibilities.

With this in mind, as business people we have to change our thoughts about how everything will operate in the brave new world that lies ahead. While the options are varied and numerous, it really boils down to two options. It could mean Britain remains in the EU and we continue as part of the larger trading block, or we resolve to leave and find our way as a single trading entity in the world, which carries thousands of unknown possibilities and variables.

As a business that currently operates with more than 70 percent exports, the second option is daunting; however, we took up the challenge of addressing the future, and are busy creating plans and laying the groundwork for success even in the worst-case scenario.

Datum has invested heavily into technologies that make products out of thin metals that other businesses simply cannot do. So we already have a head start over everyone else. These are laser-cut parts, made from thin stainless steel with very little restriction on the size of the part as well as multilevel parts with extremely accurate tolerances and excellent surface finishes. Therefore, as we look forward there is a unique opportunity, with our capabilities, in markets where price becomes less of a factor in purchase discussions. People will use our technology because of what it achieves, and being a little harder or more costly to purchase will not prove to be a barrier to purchase.

We focus on quality, not the price. We’ve seen time and time again how companies who focus on price have products that fail, customers who complain, and a business model that simply can’t compete with the quality competitors.

Manufacturing is a world-wide business. Many manufacturers (automotive, medical, and electronics included) gather parts and consumable tools from various places around the world. When any item in the manufacturing process becomes commoditized, the cost becomes the largest factor in the buying process. When an item is commoditized, every version is identical, there is no quality standard, and prices drop dramatically.

At Datum, we are so good at what we do, that our products have low risk of being commoditized. We are able to charge a little bit more for quality that will not fail, and will not disappoint.

Datum has continually pushed the boundaries of what is possible with thin metal parts. And with our new technologies we are continuing to push outside of the commodity market. Especially within our business for R&D and design, we also expect that our capabilities will allow us to stay out of the commodity market, and people will use us for what we can achieve and not second guess their choice because of any trading arrangements between the EU and Britain.

The future is unknown, our success is not.