News - 08.24.2018

Innovations and Future Expansions

There is one question we love to hear from product developers more than any other. “You can actually do that?” Our answer? Yes, we can.

Right now, manufacturers are telling end-users around the world what’s possible and what’s not possible. At Datum, we make the seemingly impossible possible.

As an example, we were the first, and still are the only, supplier to be able to guarantee a 2% thickness tolerance on our advanced stainless steel foils. If a customer’s needs demand it, we are able to reach a 1% thickness tolerance as well. This means better, more consistent paste volumisation, improved placement for small components and devices and better yields in reflow.

One of the key problems facing the surface-mount technology (SMT) industry is the current “race to the bottom.” In essence, this means that stencil houses are competing to produce steel stencils at the cheapest possible price. The outcome of this on the SMT process is greater process variability and lower yields. Stencils made with Datum PhD, FG or Tension materials give absolute process control and the highest yields. Despite this, we continue to bring improvements to our materials every year.

Yet many of our products and processes are not just useful within SMT. Aerospace, military and medical fields are all areas where opportunities for innovations with Datum micro-tooling and steel exist.  We can make components and tools with micro scale features with single micron accuracy.

We want to work with customers on upstream innovation and new product development by deploying our leading products, expertise and latent capacity in order to unlock new product possibilities. We’re looking for high velocity start-ups and innovators who are hungry for differentiation and are the real technology change agents.

Our purpose is to enable transformative product innovation with our process and materials know-how. We can help make your drones lighter, implantable devices smaller and smartphones smarter. No matter what we do, as we grow and expand across industries, we will continue to work and live by “it is possible, let’s try.”