Datum Phd is ideally suited to both laser cut SMT stencils and etching applications. Its clean and homogeneous structure combined with low residual stress ensures minimal deformation during step etching or laser cutting. Datum Phd also has the tightest thickness controls in the market. All material is certified to +/- 2% on the thickness and we can supply to +/- 1%. Our Cp values typically run at 2.8 on a +/- 1.54% tolerance.

The 3 qualities that make Datum Phd no. 1 in the world for solder paste printing. 

Flatness – Phd is produced to stringent flatness specifications to ensure effective gasketing

Low residual stress – Phd is tension Annealed to minimise distortion from laser cutting or etching making it ideal for stencil applications

Thickness – Thickness tolerance of +/- 2% is the tightest in the industry

Product Selector Guide

Phd Tension
Miniaturised or high-density assembly x
Area ratios <0.66 x
General SMT, lead pitches≥ 0.5mm, leadless pitches≥ 1.0mm x x
Stepped stencil for μBGA, CSP, QFN, BTC x
Uniform foil thickness ≥150μm x x
Powder Size Type: 4, 5, 6 x
Powder Size Type: 3 x x


  • Gauges: 0.02 to 0.500
  • Sizes: Widths up to 690mm
  • Availability: Worldwide

Quality commitment

  • Every Datum team member is committed to providing the highest quality products and services
  • Datum UK is ISO-9001 certified
  • Specialised manufacturing processes are continuously monitored and statistically controlled
  • All products are inspected/verified prior to shipment


Datum Phd is the global standard for laser-cut SMT stencils based on more than 10 years of consistent performance

Repeatability is the key to optimising print performance:

  • Thickness tolerance of +/- 2% is the tightest in the industry
  • Controlled surface roughness of < 0.15µm maintains paste rolling characteristics from stencil to stencil
  • Uniform grain structure and low residual stress ensure consistent response to tensioning, chemical etching, laser cutting and printing processes

Ideal for standard stencil steps

  • Top side: connectors, shields, larger SMT components, see our Product Selector Guide
  • Bottom side: cavity relief for labels/topographical features