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Using DatumCalc

Some years ago we developed Datumcalc to take the pain out of the laborious calculations needed to determine the weight of an alloy from its dimensions and vice versa.

Using Datumcalc is self-explanatory. Choose the material type in the top row and the form e.g. bar, wire etc. Then enter the dimensions that are required and select weight. Alternatively, Datumcalc can be used to determine the length of a piece of material from its weight using the other dimensions, and to estimate the number of pieces from weight and dimensions. We provide this as a free tool to use via our website so please make use of it. If you have any questions or you wish to qualify a calculation, please contact us.

Required Values

If you are calculating sheet, bar, coil or plate values then enter thickness, width and length values. If rod or wire use length and outer dimensions, and for tube and pipe use length, outer and inner dimensions.

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