New Organisational Changes At Datum
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  • Where you’ll see our work
    The metal parts in your logo. And inside your tablets and smartphones (though you might not see us there).
  • It’s in the detail
    Consistency = Repeatability = Lower Costs
  • Our specialist products
    Flat springs with a lifecycle of 109 cycles. Metals with special micro structures and grain sizes as small as 1 micron. Foils 700mm wide and 5 microns thin.
  • Some of what we do
    Ultra-clean, ultra-flat materials. Bonding and forming. Highly cosmetic, custom surface finishing. Roll forming. Special tubes and profiles.
  • Where we specialise
    We excel in consumer-facing metal parts, where cosmetics are everything.
  • What makes us different
    We’ll never let you down. And we’ll always look to reduce your costs with high-performance products. Just ask the customers we’ve worked with for over 20 years.
  • The Datum warranty
    We guarantee our products will work. Any problems, we’ll replace the product. Any lost machine time, we’ll compensate you.
  • Our obsession
    Detail. It’s the root of what we do.
  • How we work
    We’re listeners, thinkers, makers and problem solvers. Defining, measuring, analysing, improving and delivering. We’re focused on doing what others can’t do.
  • About Datum Alloys
    A team of engineers and operations people, providing stainless steel, nickel and magnesium products to customers, from the States to Singapore, since 1993. And still growing.


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